Google is bringing new Android Go operating system

At Google’s annual developer conference, the company announced a new version of the Android operating system. The Android GO, this operating system was originally designed for low power smartphones. Google is hopeful that the phones which are less of hardware specifications can offer better performance by using Android Go.

Android is Google’s next original ‘Android’ operating system ‘Lite’ or light version. Android GO OS will be the light version of the most used apps that will use less RAM and less storage. Even Android Go’s OS will also change.

The devices which have RAM 1 GB or less will be installed on Android.

The Google Chrome browser that is available on the GO operating system, will always have data saver by default. Apps that are within 10 MB of size will be considered optimized for Android Go.

Besides, Google has also made special ‘YouTube Go’ app for Android Go, which will cost less than the original YouTube app.

An idea similar to Android G has already been introduced to Microsoft in the Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10S operating system is designed for low-power PCs, similarly, GO operating system has been made for low-specifications phones. All future Android releases will have a ‘go’ version.

The Android operating system is now the most popular mobile OS. So in order to increase the expectations of people from it. Android may need more hardware to add new features. It will be difficult for Android phones to run Android. That’s not the case, so Google made Google go Android, at least I think.

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