Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock

Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock

Custom binary blocked by FRP lock is a common issue nowadays faced by the use of Android shoppers. As we know, Android has one of the vital perfect manufacturers in the world. It has gained our trust over the years but there is a problem within that may laptop virus you if you are an Android (Samsung) individual. So this problem must be addressing to bypass it. It is the basis custom designed binary blocked by the use of FRP lock. However, such phone lock issues can now be countered and you can unlock your phone device with specific solutions.

Sometimes there is a state happens when you turn on your Android phone and a message popped up your screen at the top in red color saying “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock”. This can make you clueless or confuse. So don’t remain unknown from this particular state of your Android. It is an error that usually occurs at the screen. The phone’s logo/model number emerges and you cannot boot up beyond this stage. So it is necessary to break this FRP lock to acres your phone because you can’t use your phone at all unstill you solve this issue.

There are ways to overcome custom binary block by FRP that can be adapted to remove or bypass it. You need to find out more about this error message and the actual causes for its occurrence. We are providing a detailed discussion about the way to this problem. You will no longer be coping with the problem after following the system. Here you get to know what exactly is the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock and how to fix this. The FRP lock issue is promising to solve in the event you follow because the method given is really genuine.

What is custom binary blocked by FRP?

The fact is better known as a binary custom block by FRP where FRP placed for rectory reset protection and FRP lock. The new feature is seen in Android 5.1 for the first time. It is a protective function in Android phones which doesn’t let unauthorized software interfere. It blocks factory reset to go through without the permission of the original user. This problem happens when you have rooted the phone to flash new firmware/ROM or change any vital internal setting of the phone. FRP lock shows a pop-up message on the screen. It indicates the presence of a previously signed in Google ID and password that requires to be fed again to activate the phone after reset. Once you start setting up the phone again, the Google account will be asked for. This error is seen if you have changed the stock firmware. The FRP lock error continues to show no matter how many times you restart your device until you solve the issue. So here are instructions given to bypass Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock error in effective steps that will surely provide you with the solution.

How to unlock the “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” error?

The Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock has become a widely known issue for most of the Android users and numerous unlocking methods have come up to solve the error through mutual sharing and discussion. For your understanding think about a Samsung phone along with listing all given methods. These are useful in tackling the displayed error on your phone screen.

(1) Force restarting the device

Restarting the Samsung phone device is simple and it can serve to fix temporary program error as well as stopping every background performing operations. Follow these steps:

  • Start by pushing down on power on/off switch together with the volume down switch for five to seven seconds.
  • Wait till the device reboots and starts again normally.
  • The Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock message will stop popping up but if the issue continues than follow the next set of instructions.

Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock

(2) Factory resetting through the Recovery Mode

These steps you need to follow when you boot into recovery mode:

  • Push down on power on/off switch together with the home keys and volume up. It will deliver a screen showing varied options.
  • Use the volume down button to go down and select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option through the power on/off key.
  • Wait till the procedure is finished and the device restarts again normally.

Odin latest version

(3) Flashing the Stock Firmware using Odin

If the previous tips are not successful in solving the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock issue then you may opt to flash stock firmware on your device. This method has reportedly solved the issue and worth trying. Cautiously follow the steps to initiate flashing stock firmware on your device and you must not skip any step or hurry during any of them.

  • Download the latest edition of Odin on your computer.
  • Start downloading Stock Firmware in support of the device and enter the exact model number, nationality as well as particulars from Gsmdaddy.
  • enter the “Download Mode” on your device through pushing the volume switch together with the Pose On/off switch and the Home button for at least 3-4 seconds. Push the Volume Up switch to go ahead when the download screen is displayed.
  • Launch the Odin tool on your computer and choose “Run as Administrator”.
  • the Odin window will display on the device. Utilize a genuine Samsung USB for connecting the device to your computer.
  • Odin will recognize your device and add the phone device on the main window of the computer.
  • Tap on the “CSC”, “AP”, “CP” options and their picky file types through the previously downloaded firmware.
  • Tap on the start key to start flashing when you have successfully added the entire file types.
  • The Odin box will show the “Pass” message to which the device will start rebooting after flashing procedure is completed and then you should be prompted to set-up the device.

Dealing with the FRP lock is not an easy mission where it is a protecting feature that prevents needless tampering and resetting on the phone’s software. However, these provided steps are the best solutions to break the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock message error. We bring the solution for you to learn that it worth applying.

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