How To Use SP Flash Tool Step By Step Guide

Editor choice How To Use SP Flash Tool Step By Step Guide

SP flash tool is an application performed in PC which gives total control over the phone. It gives the power to control the Modify the Internal files too. You can back up the whole android system and so you can install the backed up android system when you have any problem with your Android OS. It is like reinstalling windows on your Windows PC. But most of the people don’t know how to use SP flash tool. So here we are delivering the guideline. Watch out the guidelines carefully and imply the Smartphone flash tool with given information to assist you.

Requirements Using SP flash tool

Step 1: A Computer (PC)

Step 2: USB cable

Step 3: Manually install Mediatek VCOM drivers

Step 4: The phone you want to flash the files to

Step 5: Scatter file and files to be flashed (you can download the stock ROM or firmware)

Step 6: Download the recent version of SP flash tool

Guidelines to install Firmware through SP flash tool

Step 1: At first, remove the battery from the phone. Slot it back in the phone without booting. Switch it off if the battery is inbuilt.

Step 2: Launch this flash tool Run as administrator

Step 3: Now click on scatter-loading by the right Side

How to Use SP Flash Tool,SP Flash Tool

Step 4: When the window pops up, select the scatter file for the phone model and click open

How to Use SP Flash Tool,SP Flash Tool

Step 5: You will see a list with ticked boxes in SP flash tool (boot, preloader, recovery etc)

How to Use SP Flash Tool,SP Flash Tool

Step 6: This step is only for those who wish to format the phone. If you are not sure about formatting or not want to then skip this step.

  • Start by clicking format at the top
  • A dialogue box will pop up. Must ensure that ‘autoformat flash’ and ‘format whole flash without bootloader’ are selected
  • Click OK and stop should be red or green in color
  • Connect the switched off the phone with battery inside to the PC (via USB cable)
  • The progress bar should load until you get a ‘Success’ message
  • Now you can disconnect the phone from PC

Step 7: Remove the tick in front of any item you don’t want to flash

Step 8: It doesn’t automatically get ticked after loading the scatter file to manually load an item. Tick the box in front of that particular item. Double click its location and select the corresponding file from the window that pops up.

Step 9: Click download when the file you want to flash is ticked.

How to Use SP Flash Tool,SP Flash Tool

Step 10: Now stop should be prominent while other options should be grayed out

Step 11: Connect the switched off the phone to the PC via USB cable

Step 12: Then a progress bar should start running

Step 13: Do not interrupt before getting a Download Ok Or Success message

How to Use SP Flash Tool,SP Flash ToolStep 14: Disconnect your phone and remove the battery for 15 seconds. Slot it back and power up your phone

Step 15: You must ensure to do a factory reset in recovery mode. It clears any errors

Mandatory Facts about How to Use SP Flash Tool

SP flash tool is a great tool for performing flash on android devices which are MTK based or MediaTek. It can do many things solving many problems. Though it manages a range of issues still you need to know some details about how to use SP flash tool. These details are given below-

Why SP flash tool

Flashing a device can bring favorable changes in the device’s functionality alterations related to system operations. For MediaTek chip with Android, the SP flash tool is a perfect app since it can result in suitable system optimization. This flash tool is freely available. All level of users can take the advantages.

Compatible devices SP flash tool

Normally SP flash tool supports android with MediaTek sets. So you can take the advantage of flashing utility as long as you are powered with MediaTek chipset unconcerned. This tool works for almost all Android running with MediaTek chipsets.

Updated SP flash tool version

Always download the latest version to any app you want to imply in your phone. Now SP flash tool v5.1644 is upgraded and you are recommended to download this one.

Features Of SP flash tool
  1. Flash files into the system are possible: There are many android MediaTek devices are not rootable. Devices like SP flash tool in the only way to root by flashing CWM or any recovery on your phone.
  2. Android phone system backup: You can backup your whole android system through SP flash tool and save it on the hard drive. The system you can reinstall this back up to working like before whenever you get some errors.
  3. Install custom recoveries on your phone: This feature means adding a set of options to your phone through which you can inject any script or flash custom ROMs or themes to the phone system. clockwork mod is one of the most renowned custom recovery platforms for MediaTek android devices. You can backup your system and do many functions through this application.
  4. Unbrick the android phone: Sometimes your phone stop working when you have root access to the phone or do mess with the system files. This is called a bricked Android device. In this case, you can download the official firmware of your android phone. Install it on your phone through SP flash tool. That is all; everything will become perfect as before in your Smartphone.

Troubleshooting tips about how to use SP flash tool

There are some troubleshooting facts about how to use SP flash tool and we are delivering the details below-

  1. If the phone is disconnected during flashing then use a different USB cable. Make the device that connects through the main port. You can get help from this guide
  2. Double check the compatibility of the android with SP flash tool version you are managing
  3. Reinstall the necessary drivers on the PC and keep repeating the steps if SP flash tool processing shows 0% growth
  4. Check the compatibility of the ROM prior download
  5. Don’t forget to charge the device for sufficient power scale to prevent the process get interrupted with the flow
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