Samsung Firmware Update

Samsung Firmware Update

Samsung firmware update is changing the software in a flash memory chip. This is necessary to recondition older machines. It can be a tedious job but not impossible. Any user can perform such updates. Firmware refers to the operating system and the applications that control how Samsung Smartphone operates. It is called firmware rather than software because it’s very closely tied to the particular hardware components of the device. It can be also used to fix bugs or introduce new functionality. Firmware updates brings the fresh functionalities and latest features in every application you have in your device auto automatically.

Precautions for Samsung Firmware Update

There are things you should know before “Samsung firmware update”

Check your device

You should check to see if the update has already been sent to your phone over the air before you get started with Odin. An OTA update is too easy to download and install without any slip. There are usually notifications popping up when OTA update is available. If you can’t find it then we left a solution below to check for the update on your Samsung phone.

Go to settings menu

Scroll down and click on software update

Click check for updates button

Click OK

Follow provided steps to install the update if one is available in your device. If not then it will say that your device is up to date.

Manually Install

When your device says it is up to date but you know very well that an update is available for your device model then we can take advantage of Samsung’s Odin tool. Odin is a windows program what makes easy to install firmware on Samsung androids. This tool is not intended for regular consumers. But you can find it easily and download. It is an official tool from Samsung. Your device will allow it to load the required files for flashing firmware. Keep it clear in mind that it is possible to brick your device with Odin. In spite of being an official tool, using it incorrectly can still damage your phone.

Reason to upgrade

Upgrading your Smartphone fetch all the latest providing that will help you to get better experience.

“Samsung firmware update” removes the bugs form device

Adds up new functionalities of the latest firmware

It is also used for adding new features

Samsung Firmware Update Process

Software updates has a big impact of discussion in the android world. But every phone is not consistently updated to the latest version of android. It also plays a big role in which phone to buy. Samsung Smartphone is usually updated pretty well. Though, it takes long time for the updates to complete. However, it is possible to update manually by using nifty tool. We are here to let you know how to use Samsung’s “Odin” tool. After this information, you will able to perform Samsung firmware update easily.

Get right version of Odin

As you know Samsung does not Odin to the public. You need to find the correct version for your Smartphone from a 3rd party. Find the Gsmdaddy Forum for your Samsung device. There you have Odin available to download. Remember that the latest version is not one you should use. You need to find the ZDA thread for updating your device and use that one. Gsmdaddy is another place to Download Odin. Check the device forum to know which version of Odin to use.

At first download the installer to your windows pc

Unzip the file to somewhere you can find later

Samsung Firmware Update

Download the firmware files

We need some firmware to flash with if after you have Odin in your device. In this place you should look when a new update is rolling out. The firmware usually is compressed into a ZIP file. It is really important to get the correct Samsung firmware for the device. Don’t breeze through this step because using the wrong firmware can totally brick your device.

Check device compatibility

Check carrier compatibility

Main event Samsung Firmware Update

When you have the software for computer and the necessary files, the time for main event begins. This process isn’t difficult but takes some time. Double check everything before starting the process.

Turn the power off in your phone

Boot into the download mode

[Note: Old Samsung phones- press Power+ Home + Volume down for 5s

New Samsung phones- press Power + Bixby + Volume down for 5s]

A teal screen with a big download icon in the middle will appear

Plug the phone into the PC with the included USB cable

Samsung Firmware Update

Put Odin to work. Open Odin on your PC and in the “ID:COM” section, you will see a teal box saying “Added!”. The main section of Odin includes button for AP, CP, BL and CSC. This signifies corresponding firmware files such as:

AP- Android partition

CP- Modern firmware

BL- Bootloader

CSC- Consumer software customization

You may not need all of four files. This depends on what you are flashing. A full ROM flash requires these all four. The previous downloaded gsmdaddy thread should tell you about the files that will be flashing.

At first, click the button for the corresponding file

A file explorer window will open and find the file

Do this for all the files included in the firmware to make sure they correspond correctly

Tap the box next to each one to put a check mark

Click the start button if all looks correct

This process will take a while probably. The device may reboot a couple times. Do not freak out or unplug it before the process is finished completely. Try to be patient. A progress bar will definitely be displayed in Odin. You will see a reset button above the ID:COM section when the process has been completed. Click that to reboot your device and voila! That’s it.

Hope you find this article helpful for your Samsung firmware update. Feel free to ask any question in the comment section if you are confuse even a bit. We would love to communicate with you. Thank you.

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