Samsung J7 FRP Unlock File 100% Working

Samsung J7 FRP Unlock File 100% Working

Download Samsung J7 FRP Unlock File

also, Download Samsung J7 Flash File

Download FRP Unlock File
Download Odin Latest Version
Download Samsung USB Driver

How to Unlock FRP Samsung J7 :

Step 1: Do not change all the settings of the Odin Tool as it is, so keep the default.
Odin latest version
Step 2: Take Samsung Mobile to download mode:
Turn off your Samsung device, then press (Volume Down + Home + Power) all buttons simultaneously. Then you will request to continue or cancel like a precautionary photo. Then press the (Volume Up) button and you will see the screen in a download mode on your device like the Video below.

Step 3: Connecting to the computer successfully

Connect your device to the computer via the USB cable. You will see the USB driver installed, then the COM box color will change in Odin software and it will show (COM12 or any other COM) and on the message board or log board (added ) that means mobile connection with your computer has been successful. If you do not see any such response, check the USB cable and reinstall the USB driver.

Step 4: Load the FRP Unlock File in Odin Tool

Odin Click on “AP” or “PDA” then browse and show firmware files. But first unzip your downloaded Samsung J7 FRP Unlock file and you will go to your FRP download folder and browse the file as “Exynos.rar”.

Step 5: Install the FRP Unlock file in your Samsung device

Click the “START” button of Odin. Wait and you will be green in color (shown in skins). Understand that your FRP Unlock file installation is complete. Then your phone will restart automatically. Do not connect the USB cable disc until the finished.

Step 6: Hard Reset your phone

Turn off your Samsung device, hold down (Volume Up + Home + Power) all buttons simultaneously. Recover your phone or hard reset mode. Then press Volume to wipe data/factory reset and press Volume down to yes – delete all user data. Select and take a little time, again press Volume to reboot system now.
Diameter for a while to get your device to come. Your job is finished.

Exposure step: If you do not get passed (failed to pass), if there is a problem, then see all the previous steps carefully. Restart the computer, install the latest driver, flash with the best quality USB cable. Please try again with the new and updated flash file. There may be problems with the update file or if the file does not match.

Remember: do yourself full responsibility. Before starting the job, you should definitely see the full Article, if you do not have anything on your phone, then you can not blame me. Backup all your personal data before flashing.

Watch this video How to Samsung J7 FRP Unlock

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